Routine and ongoing maintenance is required to keep all systems within the organization operational and to prevent their downtime. At the same time, applications are always kept up-to-date, helping to support new business needs.

What Do You Get With The Application Management Service?

We help you by managing applications other than operating systems. Warpiris, along with our operating system management service, also monitors and manages core Microsoft applications if requested. Under the management of our expert teams on Microsoft products, proactive measures are taken and uninterruptedness is aimed in basic applications.

Active Directory

  • Authorized Account Management and Monitoring
  • Global Catalog Management
  • Trust Management
  • Site and Subnet Management
  • Patch and Update Management
  • Authorization Management
  • Backup and Restore
  • Certificate Authority Management
  • Logon/Logoff /Start-Up Script
  • AD Replication Management
  • Organizational Unit and AD Object Management
  • DHCP Management
  • Group Policy Management
  • Event Monitoring
  • DFS Management

MS SQL Management

  • Managing SQL Authorizations
  • SQL Backup management
  • Cluster setups
  • Passing SP and security packages
  • Database migration/shrink operations
  • Control and management of SQL Services
  • Troubleshooting connection problems

Terminal Server Management

  • License server configuration
  • Solving RDP connection problems
  • RDP Service control and management
  • RDP Performans yönetimi
  • Solving profile problems
  • Remote App release

IIS Management

  • Pool reset / restore operations
  • Site migration
  • NLB configuration
  • Site redirection operations
  • Creating a new site
  • Authentication management
  • SSL request/import operations
  • Site backup management
  • IIS Service management

MS Exchange Management

  • Policy Management
  • Exchange Server Services Control and Management
  • Relay Management
  • Queue Control
  • Blacklist Control
  • Mailbox Management
  • Mail Flow Management
  • Creating DAG and Database Copy Operations
  • SP and CU upgrades
  • Certificate Management
  • lient Bağlantı Sorunlarının ÇözümüC
  • Permission Management
  • Design and Management of Database Dimensions
  • Database Migration, .pst Export/Import