In the event of a disaster that will occur in your data center, this solution, which is based on the restart of services within the previously determined RPO (the amount of data allowed to be lost at the time of the disaster) and RTO (restart time of the systems after the disaster), is a temporary disaster recovery center of the service within the specified RPO and RTO periods in cases where the service is not able to work, such as cyber attacks, cryptolocker that prevent your services from working in the data center, natural disasters such as fire, earthquake, power outage, air conditioning system failure, or platform failures that affect business continuity.

What Do You Get With Disaster Recovery?

Disaster recovery center design is necessary to create a system according to the needs of each service in a way that brings together more than one solution.

In this way, in case of any malfunction that may happen to services that are critical for companies, it is possible to continue working without the need for intervention, with almost zero interruptions and zero data loss.